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Chapter 3: Satisfying the Need of Customers

A promotional campaign starts off as a state of mind. You want to double check with yourself whether deep down you realize that people need your products and services. This is because you need to vibrate to your customers the feeling that you are doing them something good. You are indeed giving them a helping hand because your products or services will satisfy a need your customers have. So take a deep breath and take some time to admit to yourself that both your existent as well as potential customers NEED YOU!

Do not start on a marketing campaign thinking that you are going to bother the people out there. The very reason for this is that these very people need the products or services that you have to offer. After all we would not be aware of the wide spread consumer selection both locally and internationally without the use of advertisement. If there was no advertising in the world would you know that a discount store has opened or would you be aware of the latest technology gadgets, low interest rates that are being provided by certain financial services providers or better yet how would you get different quotes for your bathroom had different businesses decided to advertise themselves? If you stop to think for one second we are thankful for the availability of all the products or services information out there. So, yes you are indeed doing your prospects a favor by embarking on this marketing campaign.

You are in fact helping people by providing information about your products or services so that they do not have to waste time looking for them when the need arises. On a more positive note if you add promotional products to this information you will constantly remind them where and who to look for when they need the type of services or products that you have to offer.

Truth is told most letters or leaflets are thrown away easily but people don’t throw away things that they can use and this is why it is important to use promotional products. Again you are doing them a favor by making it easier for them to find your contact information. Your business name is chanted to them when they are having a cup of tea and are drinking from the mug that you have made available for them. You refresh their memory about where to find your products or services as they proceed to jot down important events on the diary or calendar that you have gifted them with. It is in this way that promotional products out do the ordinary newspaper adverts – because they reach a wider audience than a newspaper add would. Promotional products are effective because the number of times that your business name is viewed is increased tenfold!