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Healthcare organizations use promotional products for staff, patients and communities. Often those are products include apparel, drinkware, bags, writing instruments and outdoor gear that are popular in a multitude of different arenas. Here you'll find products that are specifically health care related.

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Business Card Emery Board

Business Card Emery Board

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Natural Lip Balm

Natural Lip Balm

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Seven Day Medicine Holder

Seven Day Medicine Holder

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About Promotional Health Care & Safety Fitness Products at Empire


At EmpirePromos, we offer a variety of promotional health care and fitness products such as: babies and children's items; bilingual materials; dental and eye care, first aid; pill dispensers and bandage kits; fitness, personal care and stress relief products and products for hospitals and clinics.


Health care and fitness are concepts that go hand in hand. The practice of medicine or health care dates back thousands of years to the ancient herbalists. Legend has it that they would give samples of their remedies out to people in small leather pouches with their mark to bring back followers. The current popularity of fitness dates back to 12,000 years ago with primitive man and his active hunter-gatherer lifestyle. We know today that we feel better and live longer with a level of physical activity more like that of our ancient ancestors.


In the past two decades, the fitness lifestyle has grown enormously across a wide spectrum of our society. Medical providers, insurance companies and HMOs all understand the financial benefit of promoting exercise and fitness to their customers. In addition to keeping their customers active and promoting proper diet and nutrition, they are all dedicated to increasing their customer base. EmpirePromos has a wide selection of products that meet the promotional needs of the healthcare industry.


Just as important as the business side of health care are the many associations both national and local that are dedicated to the prevention of various diseases. We have a wide variety of promotional items including printed pamphlets and sliders as well as fitness accessories that they can use to educate the populace and promote the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.


First among the product categories under discussion are the ever popular first aid kits and medicine dispensers. First aid kits are used as promotional items by many companies both in the health care industry and outside of it. Businesses catering to activities that are outdoors or on the road often give first aid kits to their clients and potential customers. The portable first aid kit is perceived by the recipient as a thoughtful and caring gesture regarding both their personal well being as well as the well being and safety of their family members. As we spend more time in our cars, and doing outdoor activities the first aid kit is a welcomed gift for small emergencies that may arise. Many of our featured kits include insect bite swabs as well as the more traditional bandages and disinfectants. Auto dealers frequently use first aid kits as a thank you for customers visiting their showrooms. The kit remains in the customer's car as a constant reminder of having visited the dealership. First aid kits with more elaborate and complete contents can be found on our site in the category of Emergency Preparedness.


Medicine dispensers are growing in popularity and need every year. As our aging population increases and the number of medications for various medical conditions increases, people need to organize their medications so they can take them as directed by their physicians. The dispensers are perfect promotional giveaways that help build brand awareness for medication products as well as service providers including treatment centers, pharmacies and organizations devoted to management of diseases that frequently require timely use of medicines. Even vitamin manufacturers can use the pill dispenser to help their customers include their product in their daily medication regimen. For more demanding medication intake, we feature dispensers with built in timers to alert users to take their next dosage. Pill dispensers come in the form of molded cases with compartments for each day's medicines as well as a part of a key chain. Other accessories include one-at-a-time dispensers, pill cutters, and foil cutters that provide access to medicines that are tightly sealed in foil packs.


One of the most popular promotional products to arrive on the marketplace is the pedometer. As our medical practitioners prescribe daily regimens of exercise to their patients, pedometers assist the patient in achieving their fitness goals by providing measurement of steps, distance, and calories burned during each exercise routine. EmpirePromos offers imprinted pedometers with many useful features such as safety lights, LED flashlights for night time walks, emergency sirens as well as the popular models with built in FM radios. Most are designed with clip on backs and top view of their digital displays but we even have one which conveniently slips onto the user's wrist and doubles as a sweat band. Considering their price and the functionality and benefits that pedometers bring to their users they are among the most effective promotional products on the market. In addition to those companies directly involved in the health care business they can be effectively used to promote a wide range of products from sport drinks, to sport apparel.


Promotional products that promote health and fitness include portable exercise equipment such as jump ropes, exercise stretch bands grip strengtheners. They are great gifts for travelers that don't have access to an exercise facility and need to get some exercise into their day.


Within the category of health care and fitness you'll find a section on our site devoted to personal care, spa gifts and relaxation products. If you are planning or sponsoring an outdoor event there are many great promotional items that will be appreciated by your recipients and help build your brand. The personal care category includes antibacterial dispensers, moisturizers, lip balms and sunscreens. All are handsomely packaged and some come with convenient carabiner clips lanyards or key rings to improve their accessibility and your logo exposure. Many are now available with full color printed labels that reproduce your logo just as you need it for your promotional event. The use of inexpensive on demand digital printing technology has made the production of short run full color prints economically feasible and brought these useful products into the promotional products arena. They are immensely popular as they are inexpensive, useful to the recipient and capable of reproducing your logo or them in brilliant color.


If your planning a corporate meeting at a destination resort, the spa gift set is particularly effective for the women on your team. You'll find many kits at various price ranges to suit your budget. Within the products shown in this category you'll also find promotional massagers, promotional pocket mirrors, aroma therapy candles and more.


At EmpirePromos, we have a selection of promotional items targeted for use by HMOs and other health care providers. They include products for use at facilities as well as useful gifts for the providers' clients. Clipboards and pens are popular choices to build brand exposure for pharmaceutical companies and their new products. Direct to consumer marketing of pharmaceutical products has proven highly effective at building sales, so placing the brand name on a product used by customers at health care providers is a highly effective reinforcement tool. We also feature a popular selection of pamphlets with basic information for common medical problems. If you don't see the information booklet or pocket slider that is exactly right for your needs, please give us a call as the site selection is just the tip of the iceberg of the products we can source for you.

If you have any questions about our health care and fitness products, or need some ideas for your company's next promotion, please feel free to contact us at 1-877 4PROMOS /1-877 477-6667. Ordering from Empire is easy!