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Whether your customers love BBQing, cookouts or cook-offs you'll find everything from utensils and electronic wine openers to fridge magnets and photo frames in this one size fits all category. Everything promotional to do with the home can be found here, so avoid the clutter of competitor's and discover what it means to have a category specialized to your needs.

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About Promotional Kitchen & Home Items at Empire


As the U.S. home cooking renaissance heats up, and more and more Americans are gardening, going organic and firing up their barbeques and gas grills. Most Americans cite barbeque as their favorite food style and the old stand –bys of burgers and hot dogs have given way to thousands of great recipes for grilled chicken, fish and exotic cuts of meat. Every grill master will appreciate a new set of fine quality imprinted barbecue tools, some of which come in convenient carry bags. The grill is still primarily the turf of the male in the household, and most take great pride in their ability to serve up perfectly cooked and flavorful specialties. The choices of promotional grill accessories have grown considerably in the last few years to include utensils of every sort designed to effectively handle every sort of food on the grill. One our newest promotional products, is an adjustable battery powered clip on light. This clever item utilizes a sturdy clip to attach onto the grill body and a gooseneck style metal flex cord to direct the shrouded light where needed. Advertisers, organizations and companies of all stripes have realized that placing products in new areas, especially a much-used one such as a home kitchen, is a great way to boost their brand awareness. The refrigerator has long been a favorite message board in every household and remains a prime contender for your advertising message. All types of advertising specialties from business card magnets, to bag clips with magnetic backs have been designed to promote your message on this valuable piece of home real estate.

At EmpirePromos we have dozens of tasteful l kitchen and home products, ready for your imprinted logo. We understand that a kitchen is a personal place, and for this reason we have chosen only the most unobtrusive, charming products. All of our promotional kitchen and home products are sleek, elegant, and were chosen with you and your clients' satisfaction in mind! One product group that has grown in favor of late is the imprinted night light. They have become very attractive with the advent of LED technology and have an ample space for your message. It’s a great gift idea for HMOs or senior organizations to promote safety in the home.


Entertaining in the home is becoming more and more sophisticated particularly with regard to the serving of wine and cheeses. You’ll find a great section of imprinted cheese boards and serving sets as well as wine accessories ranging in price from a dollar to two hundred dollars for the most elaborate wine opening sets. These deluxe openers are the perfect cachet gift for the senior executives on your holiday list.


Promotional products for the home are designed to promote your message to all members of the household. We have piggy banks for kids, write-on boards for everyone’s messages to family members, spa relaxation kits for moms, tool kits for dads and a host of useful imprinted products for seniors.


Our list of kitchen and home products includes, but is not limited to: appliances, aprons, pot holders, blankets, throws, potpourris, candles, spa items, clips, magnets, food accessories, drink accessories, jar openers, sponges, jars, boxes, piggy banks, plants, seeds, gardening accessories, utensils and BBQ gift sets! We assure you that our vast selection will be able to accommodate your company's image, wishes and budget!


If you have any questions about our kitchen and home products, or need some ideas for your company's next promotion, please feel free to contact us at 1-877 4PROMOS /1-877 477-6667. Ordering from Empire is easy!