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Promotional products Made in the U.S.A give you the assurance that your promotional dollars are recycling through our economy and creating more jobs for Americans. On a temporary basis, we've included some products here from countries other than China, to meet inventory availability requirements. You may find products that are made in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Mexico or other countries. Many of our US products are Union Made. Call us for more USA Made and Union Made products including drinkware, buttons, point of sale items, folders, labels, calendars, markers, candy, medallions and awards, pens, pencils, toothbrushes, key tags, picture frames, bags, vinyl products, apparel, and caps and hats. Purchasing domestic goods gives you the ability to get creative and design your own products. Here you can also find a few select resources and items that are made in other countries not affected by the virus problem in China.

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About Promotional Products Made in USA at Empire

Promotional Products Made in USA

Promotional products made in the U.S.A have distinct advantages for the companies and organizations that use them. The demographics of the recipients, including the types of jobs they have and their political orientations may cause them to have a preference for products made in the U.S.A. For the last twenty odd years trade unions for both government and industrial workers have insisted that products have a union label before they would consider giving them out to their members. Today some are satisfied that the product simply be made in America.


There are certain real advantages to buying promotional products that are made in the U.S. They include, the labor conditions under which the items are made. U.S standards for minimum wages, health benefits, safety regulations in the workplace, policies preventing discrimination, hiring practices etc. are more in keeping with our social values than those of countries in the far east.


Most promotional products are made in the Far East as the low wages and working conditions there allow for them to be produced for far less than they would cost in the U.S. This is particularly the case for products that have a high level of hand labor required in their production such as apparel, sewn products such as promotional duffels, backpacks, coolers, luggage, portfolios and the like. Other products such as molded mugs and tumblers, all electronics such as calculators can be produced for far less as well.


There is however a downside to the price advantage when we are using a promotional item imprinted with our logo. There is less regulation on the environmental effects of the manufacturing process, fewer controls on the content of potentially harmful chemicals used in the compounds and inks used to make and decorate the products.


Promotional products made in the U.S.A. that actually have a price advantage include gpaper products, certain wood products, molded products and a wide variety of promotional items that are comprised of mostly materials fabricated with high speed production equipment with a minimal amount of hand labor.


Let’s examine the different categories of products featured in EmpirePromos, collection of promotional products made in the U.S.A.


The apparel featured here is made with sweatshop free labor and in some cases is better styled and of higher quality. Sure, it costs more but we can give it to our clients, organization members or political constituents with the confidence and good conscience that is it both well made and made with labor that is employed under our governmental guidelines.


Bottles and drink ware can be fabricated efficiently in the U.S. and we have confidence in the safety of the content of the materials that hold our beverages. Imprinted beverage bottles have an inherent advantage to their imported counterparts. This advantage is that sports and beverage bottles are very bulky to transport making the freight costs from overseas a disproportionate cost of the product. Again, buyers of promotional products are limited to those products that are made with high speed production equipment and little assembly labor such that the freight aspect of cost can be overcome.


Promotional desk accessories and pens that can be cost effectively produced in the U.S consist of note pads, cube pads, flat molded promotional items and imprinted pens that are almost totally printed and assembled with high speed equipment.


Products for health care and personal care again share the high speed production attributes but also include the benefit of U.S. regulations governing the contents of lotions, lip balms and hand sanitizers. Buyers of promotional products can buy with greater confidence in the safety of these products.


Key tags, automotive accessories, journals, padfolios and kitchen products featured in our collection are those that reap the benefits of U.S. manufacture as described above.


More and more promotional products that are made in the U.S.A. will be featured on our web site in the coming months, so check back frequently to find new ideas for your made in America promotional campaigns.