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Chapter 1: A Brief Summary of the Guide

Once you have been through the chapters of this guide you will start to realize the significant role promotional products play in your marketing campaign not to mention in the overall growth and stability of your business.

If you apply promotional products, regardless of what aspect of your business you are focusing on be it whether you are giving out promotional products to your existent or potential customers in your sales promotion, in training your employees and also in thanking them for their efforts, rewarding their participation as well as an employee’s exemplary work ethic you will notice the large benefits that only using promotional products can bring to your business.

While the influence on the people who hold the promotional items is more effective than the normal methods of advertising, they also represent your business as more valuable one to your target market always as long as the promotional product you give them is useful to them.

If you look at the regular means of advertising you will notice that after a while the general public will forget about your advert or will remember it occasionally. With promotional products on the other hand, you have an item with all your information on it that constantly reminds your target audience about your business and what you do. On an even more positive note making use of promotional products is even more cost efficient than if you had to pay for the regular means of advertisement.

While this chapter is quite brief compared to the rest of the chapters contained in this guide this chapter will encapsulate a short summary, and will even act as a crush course to you so that you can fully apply what you have learnt by applying the knowledge of this guide to your business. So after you are done reading it, it is recommended that you re-read this chapter once again.

In brief your marketing campaign should more or less follow the steps below:

Step 1: Know what makes and breaks a business. While it is not possible to prevent every business failure, it is possible to take the necessary steps that allows you to fall on a safety net when all else goes wrong.

Step 2: Write a detailed marketing plan that can fully support your business objectives.

Step 3: Advertise your business through sequential marketing such as mail and emails. Use first time purchase programs or introductory product incentives, make use of current market news, advertise special offers and never miss out on holidays as these are a nice way to remind potential customers as well as current customers about your business. Combine these marketing steps with promotional products.

Step 4: Make use of sales promotions especially if you want to increase your customers’ database, launch a new product on the market and deplete old or unpopular stock. Come up with bulk orders, referral programs and first time purchase incentives. Again, the use of promotional products that are related to the offer is highly recommended.

Step 5: Your public relations are vital to the success of your business. Therefore, you need to get your business more involved with your community by sponsoring events such as charity, health, social, athletic, political, educational, and neighborhood safety causes. Again the more promotional products you pass on the more your business becomes known to the public.

Step 6: Try to attend a few trade shows and make your business known to other people by properly designing booths and displays which also includes the decor. At these shows also make use games, exhibitions, demonstrations, pre-show invitations through mail or other means. Always have plenty of give-aways and gifts that are not so commonly given out for free. These gifts and free give-aways will act as your promotional products. Always follow up your trade show performance by a thank you note together with other promotional literature that keeps marketing your business, by delivering ordered products, and by organizing a get together both for your trade show visitors as well as for the employees who participated in it.

Step 7: Always remember to invest in your staff by training and motivating them as this will help improve their morale and overall performance. It will also show them that you acknowledge their input into your business by giving them recognition awards and running constant competitions to increase their performance and motivation. It will also help build a sense of team spirit within your workforce. Promotional products of a higher value than the ones you give to customers are usually the right way to proceed when dealing with your employees.

If you think about the benefits that the use of promotional products have to offer you in your marketing campaign and if you actually put them to use starting from today you will be amazed at how you can shake your business from one that was struggling to a growing one. As you can see from the brief description of each of the steps above, promotional products were included at every stage of your marketing plan. Regardless of the occasion, promotional products will work wonders for you. So are you ready to shake your business up and make it more profitable?