How does my logo get on the item?
The world of promotional products can be overwhelming, even misunderstood, at times. Here at EmpirePromos we’re not just about selling our products, we want our customers to enjoy their shopping experience and understand exactly what they’re getting. That’s why we created a tutorial for anyone curious about the, sometimes subtle, differences between imprinting methods of that company pen you're using. We want everyone out there to understand the difference between a Laser Etched and a Laser Engraved imprint, or the fact that a Screen Print and Pad Print are actually just two different types of Color Print.

This project began as tool for new employees, but developed into something more. We give you a key to understanding the differences between the various imprinting methods and why certain methods lend themselves better to different items or materials. Just like you’d never screw a nail into a piece of wood with a hammer, you’ll never see embroidery on a pen, regardless of how much you think you may think you’ll like it.

While the essentials of imprinting are common sense to us here at EmpirePromos, we are aware they may seem a bit confusing to you. But hey, it’s not your job to know any of this. That’s why we’re here. This guide is to help you understand the imprinting options available to you for all our products. That’s what EmpirePromos has been doing since 1984; we’re proud to say we’re professionals. Follow the link to better understand why your EmpirePromos account rep stammered slightly when you asked to embroider your new company pen.