Promotional Technology

Promotional Technology

It's time for a change in the world of promotional products. And we've got all your high tech promotional items every step of the way. styluses, speakers, chargers, tablet and smartphone cases, and flash drives all in one convenient location. With every sized budget from small to large in mind, there's no question that you won't be able to find what you're looking for. The only question is; which of our thousands of technology items is right for your next advertising campaign?

Technology Categories

Our Best Selling Promotional Technology


We live in a visual and increasingly digital world. It's hard to imagine a day when every one’s lives were not filled with music, images and streaming videos. Not so long ago, the grocery store clerk would take a pencil to the paper bag that held your purchases and add up the total. Electronic calculators and scanning cash registers were not even conceivable.


Photographs were relatively expensive to create, video recorders were beyond the most far reaching thinkers and music was heard through a primitive phonograph or a radio that was the size of a piece of furniture. Along came the microchip and all that has changed. Today our lives are filled with portable visual and audio entertainment on demand, wherever we go. There are hundreds of products available to fill the need for the new level of instant entertainment. They have taken the market by storm and the promotional products industry has responded by providing companies a wide range of imprinted products and accessories that their customers will appreciate. Enhancing a person’s entertainment experience is a perfect opportunity to establish and maintain good will for your product or services. Promotional value is further enhanced when your clients and customers receive a product that they will use often especially when they are smiling.


Our selections in this category include products that play music and videos as well as accessories that enhance the use of the premium branded electronics that your clients may already own. On the accessories side, you’ll find computer desktop speakers that enhance the sound quality beyond that of the speaker in the box or laptop, docking stations for MP3 players, cases to protect ipods, cell phones and digital assistants. As to actual promotional electronics we feature imprinted FM radios for every type of usage location from the shower to a mountain top. A shower radio would make a great on pack promotion for a shampoo or body wash promotion. They are so compact they can be packed alongside the product.MP3 players and digital cameras are also available and are perfect for off-site meetings at destination resorts. These all make great gifts for a number of industries and general promotion in the music and video distribution businesses.


Promotional value is enhanced when your clients receive a product that they will use often and thereby create repeated exposure for your logo.


Health care promoters successfully use the phone and MP3 player cases to encourage their clients to attach them to their clothing while they take their daily walks or exercise runs.


Products in this category range from two dollars to over one hundred dollars so there’s sure to be something that will fit your need as well as your budget. For example, an MP3 player or cell phone accessory emblazoned with your logo becomes a walking advertisement for your company, a mobile billboard! We offer a fantastic variety of promotional items: calculator gift sets, calculators, camera and video accessories, cell phone accessories, radios and MP3 players.


If you have any questions about our cameras and electronics, or need some ideas for your company's next promotion, just give us a call at 1-877 4PROMOS /1-877 477-6667 and we’ll help you find the product you need and make the ordering process a breeze.