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If you're looking for the right trade show giveaway or corporate event gift, you'll find many excellent choices here. We have promotional gifts for trade shows, conventions, golf outings, business meetings and seminars as well as giveaways for walks, runs and parades, spa, casino, and resort events. At EmpirePromos we feature products that are innovative and provide great value. Give us a call if you don't see exactly what you're looking for and we'll source it for you!

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Our Best Selling Promotional Products for  Trade Shows, Meetings & Events


The history of trade shows can be traced as far back to the era of King Herod, (73-4BC) when a fair was held in a 3,200 square foot exhibit hall where merchants were encouraged to display their riches and merchandise for the purpose of strengthening commerce and wealth within his empire. The concept has evolved over the centuries to a highly sophisticated event where exhibitors not only display their wares or examples of their services, but also develop new customers, build customer retention and electronically monitor the data collected at these events in order to continually enhance their marketing efforts.


Trade shows, meetings and events of all types are the primary venues where promotional products are given out to increase brand awareness, corporate recognition, or to remind recipients of the purpose of an organization. Promotional items distributed at these gatherings provide a long lasting reminder of your message or marketing theme through repeated exposure of your logo and message. Trade shows offer a strong opportunity to enhance brand recognition, launch new products, promote your company, generate leads and drive sales. Meetings, whether intra-corporate or to an audience of potential clients require a different and generally more upscale group of promotional items to drive home the themes of vision, direction, creativity, or the benefits of more expensive products and services.


Every product featured in this category is carefully selected by the Empirepromos team on the basis of price/value, consistency of product quality, imprint clarity, and a proven track record of our select resources in meeting your delivery deadlines.


Each product selection we feature for trade shows meetings and events is presented to provide a unique solution your special needs for your event. Every product may not be ideal for every company or organization, but one or more products of the thousands of products that we offer are sure to give you the perfect promotional solution for your marketing theme or brand awareness program.


The product we offer are segmented into the primary purposes of:


1. Building awareness of your brand through distribution of products that create visibility for your company or organization.
These include badge holders and trade show totes. The trade show tote is considered to be a walking billboard, serving several purposes. First, your visitors receive a useful product for their tour of the exhibition, second, your name is boldly advertised to bring other potential customers to your booth and lastly, the recipients of the bag have a product to keep long after the event thereby giving repeated exposure to your brand.


2. Products that integrate the theme of your products or promotion by providing either a single function that relates to your product or a multi-functional product that ties into a new suite of products or services that your company now provides. Examples of these products include our combination tape measure, calculator, and note pad. This product is both clever and highly effective for numerous businesses whose clients need to perform these functions on a regular basis. Thus your logo gets repeated exposure every day.


3. Products that provide a useful function for every booth visitor, while giving you the opportunity to provide useful information about several key aspects of a new product promotion. A perfect example of this is our multiple message pen that delivers 6 separate lines of copy, alternating each time the pen is clicked for use. Others include handy note pads for use at the trade show, badge holders that offer useful amenities beyond displaying the visitor's name, and refreshments.


An effective promotional campaign at your next trade show or meeting should combine the use of several products. Not all must be given to each visitor, rather the distribution should be tailored to your expectation of the results you derive from the gifts. Some may be used simply to help drive traffic to your booth while other more expensive products, may be given to existing or high potential customers in order to enhance your relationship.


You'll also find apparel products to build identity for your trade show team in our full selection of staff shirts - all available in a broad array of colors to match your company logo.


Meetings and events is a promotional product category that has expanded just as convention sites have sprung up around the United States. As business has become more decentralized, less local, and business travel more frequent, promotional products that cater to meetings and events are growing in popularity and promotional value. Here at Empire, we offer a variety of corporate gifts to make your event a success. Our meetings and events category includes, but is not limited to: awards and motivational gifts, business meeting and seminar items, picnics and sporting event products, spa and resort meeting items, and promotional products for walks, runs and parades. We offer an extensive amount of promotional products and items such as 18 can rolling coolers, mini conference jotters, badge holders, executive microfiber padfolios, Bluetooth cell phone/MP3 headsets, and more.


If you have any questions about our meetings and events category, or need some ideas for your company's next promotion, please feel free to contact us at 1-877 4PROMOS /1-877 477-6667. Ordering from Empire is easy!