Promotional Products for Emergency Preparedness

Promotional-Products-for Emergency Preparedness

Your clients will appreciate a thoughtful gift that prepares them for unexpected emergencies at home, on the road or in the office. Select from our wide variety of promotional emergency gear including survival kits, first aid kits, tools, auto kits, pump and wind up flashlights, cell phone chargers, emergency batteries and multifunctional wind up radios.

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Our Best Selling Promotional Products for Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

There are many types of promotional products that are used as giveaways to assist people in various emergencies. They range from simple bandage kits for children to elaborate survival kits both for the home and auto. The latest additions to the group of products are the urban survival kits, containing emergency supplies of food, water, heat and light sources as well as basic medical first aid items. Emergency situations are likely to leave us without the basic things we have come to take for granted such as electricity, light, communication, warmth, food and water. Because of this fact , a promotional product providing these essentials of our daily lives will have a life-long impact on the recipient and their recognition of the company that gave them this useful product. While these products may not receive multiple exposure of your logo, the impact of your thoughtfulness gained upon receipt of the gift will  be immeasurably surpassed if the product is actually used.

The recent increase of natural disasters including wildfires, the hurricanes of 2005 and the ongoing potential for terrorist attacks has put these products near the forefront of the promotional products arena.

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