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Let's get straight to the point; a treasure trove of writing instruments awaits you. Promotional pens, pencils, highlighters and laser pointers are a huge part of any of your promotional campaigns. Whether you're a prescription drug company or a school, everyone needs something to write with and everyone loves a free pen. In this category you'll find it all, Bic, Cutter & Buck, Travis & Wells and Balmain, the cornucopia of writing instruments.

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From cave paintings to the quill pen, the history of writing and its instruments is a long one with contributions and developments from every major civilization. Now as in ancient times they are used to record events, however the speed accuracy and diversity of styles used in writing has increased dramatically.


Nowadays there are many forms of writing instruments, from the basic lead pencil to finely crafted fountain pens, precision ball points and roller balls. Each has found its way quite naturally into the realm of the advertising and promotional products industry as a major product class in terms of both units produced and dollar sales volume. They became so ubiquitous that some fifty years ago the pocket protector was invented as a means to hold the various writing instruments that office workers and trades people alike used every day. Pens and pencils were kept readily at hand and the problem of leakage was solved in a crude but workable manner.


The ball point pen is still the most popular writing instrument both on the retail distribution network and the promotional venue. Inexpensive pens are distributed with single or multi color advertisements on the exterior surface in quantities sometimes ranging into the hundreds of thousands. Pharmaceutical companies have long been frequent purchasers of pens, using them to advertise and promote their new medicines to physicians and health practitioners whose numbers range into the millions. What better point of subliminal persuasion could there be but to have your product name on the device used to prescribe medication. A quick visit to any health care facility will bear confirmation of this fact. Other industry groups that favor the inexpensive pen as a promotional item include banks, insurance companies and retailers. Wherever and whenever people have to write you’ll find an imprinted ball point pen in every style color shape and material. The industry now features cap-off styles, twist action mechanisms and click action styles as a means to reveal the writing point. Ball points are made of the highest quality tungsten carbide, a super hard and long lasting material that rolls in a precision socket with just enough clearance around the ball to allow a consistent flow of ink to flow from the ink cartridge and coat the rolling ball that transfers the ink to paper.


The pen has also been a longstanding gift product as we all love to write with a beautiful looking, comfortably elegant writing instrument. Like a wrist watch, the pen is a personal statement of quality, and style. We have literally thousands of different styles in elegant polished metals featuring precise laser engravings of the advertisers name or message. A quality pen is a promotional gift that has enduring value. It’s highly polished acrylic or enameled surface is accented with equally polished or etched clips, nibs, rings and caps to create an endless variety of styles.


The latest entry in the world of writing instruments is the roller ball. With a free flowing ink and an ink deposit that has an appearance similar to the fountain pen of old times, they are rapidly gaining in popularity in the promotional products field. Housed in the same materials as their brethren ball points, the roller ball also makes a fine executive gift.


As an advertising medium the pen has gained even greater acceptance with the evolution of high quality and high speed imprinting methods. These imprints involve the use of highly sophisticated machinery that prints on a rotating surface with uncanny sharpness and detail. The result is a perfectly detailed image applied at surprisingly low cost. Other more expensive methods employ the use of imprinted domes affixed to the clip or top of the pen.


At the end of the day (or should we say the beginning) there is still the humble pencil. Still distributed by the millions, they provide advertising exposure to millions for as little as a dime a piece. While not providing a permanent inscription, we all still love them for their simplicity of form and the ability to remove the inscription and rewrite it again.


If your company hopes to carry on the grand old tradition of writing, and place its promotional logo on one of our many promotional markers, pens or pencils, then take a peek at our extensive product list and find a suitable product. Empire's pens, pencils and markers include, but are not limited to: highlighters, markers, laser pointer pens, mechanical pencils, multifunctional pens, multifunctional pencils, pen sets, pencil sets, pen gift sets, and pens ranging from under $1.00 to pens over $100.00! We feature pens from Bic®, Papermate®, Waterman®, Leeds®, Sanford® to name a few.


Promotional pens, pencils and markers are a great advertising opportunity, because wherever your clients bring their trusty writing instruments, your promotional logo goes too! If you have any questions about the best writing instrument for your next promotion, please callus at 1-877 4PROMOS /1-877 477-6667. Ordering from Empire is easy!