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Computer monitors and keyboards are your customers' portals into both business and pleasure-why not advertise on them? EmpirePromos offers monitor and keyboard accessories in any style or function to meet the needs of your busiest clientele. Whether it's brushing away unsightly desktop debris, protecting tech investments, or adding extra functionality to an office desktop, our keyboard and monitor accessories are sure to reach your increasingly wired market.

Our monitor and keyboard brushes come in a variety of colors, styles, and function combinations. We offer imprinted all-purpose multi-tool computer brushes made of plastic or stainless steel with several practical features, like document clips and sticky dispensers.

For a promotion that really shows your company's character, consider adorable monitor cleaner pets (available in puppy, pony, frog, and alligator), and the ever-popular monitor cleaner buddy, available in a variety of fun characters and functions, such as highlighters, stress relievers, and pen holders. Meanwhile, our double-sided biodegradable screen cleaners and energy saver buttons are perfect gifts for environmentally conscious clients.

Empire's extensive selection of keyboard cleaners and brushes are equipped with practical accessories such as mounting hooks, loop backing, retractable fabric cleaning pads and brushes, and practical functionality, such as brush-letter slitter combinations.

Perfect for protecting ever-essential laptops and tablet PCs, our triple layer microfiber computer bluffs are ideal for protecting portable computers during transport and polishing the screen upon arrival. Empire is also proud to offer heavy-duty adhesive laptop skinware for billboard-quality advertising on the go!

Other exciting monitor and keyboard companions include USB laptop lights, monitor-mounted calendar strips, sticky note dispensers, cable management clips and hubs, and plush wrist rests for maximum keyboard comfort.

Don't leave your customers in the dust at your next event! Call EmpirePromos today for details on ordering, availability, or pricing, at (877) 4-PROMOS/(877) 477-6667.