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A single USB flash drive can hold the same about of data as hundreds of floppy disks, and dozens of CD-ROMs. So capitalize on this increasingly utilized marketing opportunity, with EmpirePromos wide array of promotional flash drives and memory sticks, your customers data storage needs are only a phone call away!

Available in virtually any capacity, our imprinted flash drives are available in 512 MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 10GB capacities. Empire's flash drives go far beyond the standard logo imprint for customization. Embed your company's full-color logo in an epoxy dome for some extra pop--and for a marketing event with a message, take advantage of our data upload program and pre-load your promotional flash drives with up to 1GB of digital promotional material, or any other file type. We also offer both 2-D and 3-D custom-shaped flash drives that make a unique statement about your company or organization.

Part of the beauty of flash drives are their versatility. Our multifunction USB flash drives include pen/stylus flash drives, laser pointer flash drives, stopwatch flash drives, lanyard USB drives, and more. And no longer are USB drives limited to the standard swing-cap stick style. Whatever industry you're part of, EmpirePromos carries the flash drive to suit the content and character of your client base. Fun design options include customized full-color credit card USB drives, company key and paper clip-shaped USB drives, and Rubik's cube puzzle drives. We have flower -shaped USB hubs and robot flash drives and hubs. We also offer countless themed flash drives, such as doctor, nurse, wooden cross, and miniature Bible replicas.. Unique flash drive materials include leather, metal, bamboo, and cork constructions. Other flash drive features include accordion-style bodies, collapsible folding designs, rotating swivel caps, and more.

For more information on our Promotional USB Flash Drives and other tech accessories, call EmpirePromos today, at 877-4PROMOS/877-477-6667.