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Promotional Bags

So you're looking for a duffel bag that's also a cooler and has wheels? Well, you're in luck! We've got it. Along with any other of the possible combinations of high quality and high denier totes, backpacks, messenger bags and sports bags. Whether it's a boat tote, workbag, or just a cosmetic kit, we want to help carry your company and its promotional campaign to the top. And with names like Brookstone, Cutter & Buck, High Sierra and Thule, you'll be at the peak of your profits in no time. So let us help you find the perfect promotional bag when you let the cat out of the bag for your next product launch.

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Once upon a time (about 20 years ago) most promotional bags were made in the United States. A small percentage still are. What happened?
Importers started offering Chinese-made bags to the United States promotional market. Why? Labor costs were much lower and the Chinese Renminbi based currency was low compared to the US dollar.
At first, American manufacturers, were proud to note that their quality was far superior. It didn't take long for the Chinese to manufacture bags (and clothing, and shoes and vinyl products and leather) that met and surpassed the highest US standards.

What are the advantages of using imported bags as promotional products?
PRICE and SPEED. Labor intensive work such as sewing in zippers, pockets and gussets (which give bags depth) can be done for a fraction of the price in China. Even tote bags which are open at the top and require a minimal amount of stitching that has to be done by a local US sewing machine operator, are less expensive. And when you order bags with your logo, and the US factory only has to print your logo rather than manufacture the bag, the imprinting can be done in a much, much shorter time.

Are there any DISadvantages to using imported bags?
The bags arrive in US factories and they are all sewn up and sit on the shelf awaiting your order. Accordingly, there's a limited selection of colors and suppliers choose the most popular. There's also no flexibility in terms of construction. If you'd like a particular bag, but with one more pocket, that's not possible.
The biggest disadvantage and game changer is the INVENTORY situation. This has been compounded by the recession. Bag suppliers need deep pockets to maintain large inventories and there are frequent disappointments when inventory has sold out. This has narrowed the field to a few major supplier players. It's difficult to predict when the American economy will improve and by how much, and demand for promotional products is closely related to the economy. If the suppliers have not been able to predict an upsurge in orders, they will be 3-6 months behind waiting for new stock to arrive from China.
Imprinting is limited to available space on the bag that can be placed under a silk screen or on an embroidery machine. When bags are imprinted BEFORE they are sewn up, there's a lot more available imprinting space on the flat material yardage.

Can I order custom bags made for me overseas?
If you have between 60-120 days and an order larger than approximately $2000.00, EmpirePromos can provide you with overseas manufactured promotional bags. If we manufacture the bags overseas for you, the disadvantages of overseas bags disappear. We can imprint BEFORE we sew and there's a great deal of flexibility as to how much of the bag can be covered with your imprint. We can offer a much wider range of color options and custom features, including bags that are completely custom-built to your specifications. Of course, production time on custom overseas orders is much longer than on bags that are stocked in the US and even longer than bags made in the US.

Is there still a place for bags that are made in the US?
It was a disappointment to see many jobs lost all over America when overseas manufacturing became so good and so inexpensive. A major advantage to ordering bags that are made in the US, is that your order creates jobs. At EmpirePromos, we still have bags made in the US. If you want your logo all over a bag, and your order is not large enough to be done overseas, or you need it within a month, EmpirePromos has good sources for manufacturing these kind of bags domestically. We have several clients who manufacture upholstery and wall covering fabric and we make bags for them using their own materialsand these are done domestically.

Bags, like tee shirts, have become walking canvases for the display of interesting designs. We can imprint photographs, four color process edge-to-edge designs, embroidery, glow-in-the-dark imprints and standard silkscreen and transfer imprints. Just send us your logo and your requirements and we will match you up with the right bag selections.

Bags of all types are great promotional products as they are literally walking billboards for the advertiser. The word bag comes from Old Norse and the first usage was recorded in 1230. The first bags, however, were most likely created by the Egyptians who fastened pouches around their waist and made from materials such as animal skins or crudely woven cloth. With the development of new materials over the last few centuries bags have taken on new shapes and types each designed to accommodate a specific carrying function. Modern bags include the messenger bag, which originated in the 1950s, the plastic bag, first produced in 1957and Non-woven polyester fabric bags introduced just a few years ago.


There are many types of bags suitable for use as promotional items. The most popular promotional bag in use today is the tote bag. Tote bags are made in every conceivable flexible material including paper, plastic, cotton, leather, vinyl, polyester, nylon and more including laminated sheeting combining the attributes of cloth on the exterior and plastics on the interior to provide water resistance. The first promotional tote bags were made of inexpensive lightweight cotton sheeting with a sturdier material used for the handles. The imprinting processes evolved from inked imprints applied from a wooden die to the silk screen process and now to the digital transfer. The silk screen process provided outstanding color capabilities as well as the application of multiple colors to replicate the advertiser’s logo. As fabrics grew stronger and lighter in weight the promotional tote bag proliferated into use as a giveaway at trade shows and soon after hundreds of tote styles were developed as gifts from companies to women. These totes range from beach style totes to fashion totes to small totes used to house cosmetics. You can purchase tote bags for under a dollar to well over one hundred dollars depending on your promotional goals.


Bear in mind that virtually all promotional totes are designed for use by women with the trade show tote being the exception. The hottest new application for totes is the reintroduction of the reusable shopping tote. This has been driven by the newly revived earth friendly movement. Almost every company wants to project a “green” public image, so what better vehicle could they use than a recycled or natural fiber tote that becomes a walking billboard So, if your advertising is targeted at the women’s market a tote of some sort will always be a welcomed gift and your choices are limitless. At Empire we’ll even have a tote custom designed and imprinted for your special marketing needs.


Second in popularity is the duffel bag, primarily a men’s item. used primarily as a sport accessory, duffels used for trips to the gym or other sport venues or as overnight bags in lieu of the suitcase. Like the tote, duffels are made in a variety of materials from expensive leather, to heavyweight cotton canvas to 600 denier polyester and rip-stop nylons. Most come with a variety of pockets to organize the user’s personal effects right down to separate shoe tunnels. The styles range from the simple to the high-tech, sporting look. Each bag can be imprinted via embroidery, silk screen or the new digital transfers which provide a durable accurate and low cost method for multi-color imprints. Prices for duffel bags range from a few dollars into the hundreds for the upscale leather types. So if your marketing goals aim towards students or high level executives there’s a duffel that will suit your needs.


Within the category of bags, we also find the new style of executive briefcase. Gone are the days of the ubiquitous wooden case wrapped in leather (or vinyl) and the hard molded case so popular in the sixties. They have been replaced with a variety of styles from the soft sided leather case complete with interior organizers for every conceivable executive tool to the lightweight fabric styles with shoulder straps and carry handles to suit the user’s carrying needs. The briefcase has become a means of creating corporate identity among younger executives and new recruits, with the company logo proudly displayed to raise awareness of the company name as people circulate around town. Many briefcases are now outfitted with suspension compartments to hold a laptop computer and special easy-access exterior compartments for digital assistants and cell phones. Many briefcases are purchased to outfit sales forces with the secondary benefit of branding the company name. The newest style of briefcase is the messenger bag, popular for ergonomically carrying a fairly substantial weight by means of a wide strap that crosses over the wearer’s shoulder, back and chest.


The backpack started out as a bag for students to carry their books but has grown in popularity as a business case as well as a leisure activity pack. They’re great for easily carrying a full load of business or sporting gear and come in a wide variety of styles with new features such as portholes for earphones connected to MP3 players held inside the pack. Most are made of water resistant polyester available in a wide range of colors to complement the company logo. The latest arrival in the category of backpacks is the drawstring backpack or cinch pack as it is sometimes called. Generally made of 210 denier nylon with polyester cord straps these packs are an advertising bonanza since they are generally priced under two dollars and provide a large imprint area. They are taking the market for recreation oriented backpacks by a storm.


The development of lightweight materials with excellent thermal insulation capabilities led the way for a new style of bag known as the cooler. Coolers are available in simple lunch bag styles featuring a zippered top lid and capacity for six cans all the way up to the rolling coolers used for large outings that carry as many as 48 cans of beverages. These models also feature telescoping handles, inline skate wheels. Many coolers feature heat sealed vinyl liners which make them leak proof so users can be sure that their dry foods remain dry in any event.


Promotional bags have many applications, however - not just shopping - and a promotional bag can be embroidered, embossed, imprinted or silk screened with your new promotional campaign logo or your company's emblem. Many bags can act as a corporate gift and we provide bags that suit all your company's needs and budget requirements.


We feature bags from all the popular brads including Leeds®, Gemline®, High Sierra® Wenger®, Nike®, to name a few.
If you don’t see the exact bag you are looking for we can have it custom made to your specifications, down to the smallest detail. Remember, promotional bags are particularly great vehicles for advertising and most identity programs should contain at least one style. If you have any questions about our promotional bags and products, or need some ideas for your company's next promotion, please feel free to contact us at 1-877 4PROMOS /1-877 477-6667. Ordering from Empire is easy!