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EcoSmart and energy conservation promotional products give you the chance to do your part to help conserve our planet and its' resources and to demonstrate your environmental commitment to your clients and potential customers. Products in this select group provide an essential business or recreational function and a concrete contribution to energy and resource conservation. Choose from t-shirts, drink ware, bags, pens, journals and more for your next promotional event. The choice of items in this group is growing every day, so check back often to find the product that's perfect for your EcoSmart promotional campaign.

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Concern for the environment and preservation of the earth’s resources has become a significant social and economic force in the U.S. Companies and organizations are taking their own initiatives and catering to the preferences of their customers by purchasing products that in fact make an environmental difference. Most of America now perceives the need for environmental preservation as a fundamental necessity. Businesses have adopted sustainable policies and inform the public of their progress on these policies. EcoSmart or eco-friendly products are finding their way into promotional products that are both big and small since the concept that “every little bit helps” has been embraced by everyone. From briefcases to golf tees EmpirePromos features products that fall into the following categories:


  • Recycled Products
  • Organic Products
  • Renewable Products
  • Hand Powered Products
  • Solar and Water Powered Products


The recycling of materials in the U.S goes back many years as it was cost beneficial and products could be made with the same appearance and performance characteristics of those made from original materials. Recycled materials generally are less expensive, use less energy, and emit fewer pollutants in the production process. Some principal materials include construction steel, PVC in various forms, news print, chip board, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass products


Many municipalities have adopted extensive recycling programs first as a way to reduce the cost of trash removal however this has evolved into a social movement with more and more of the population willingly participating. Over the years, our attitudes have changed significantly. The number of tons of natural materials saved, the reduction in the usage of fossil fuels, kilowatts of electricity not generated, and the decrease of air pollution by the mega tons is increasing as a result of our personal efforts. Companies are now building corporate headquarters and manufacturing plants that save energy using solar power, wind turbines and computer driven lighting and electrical systems.


Promotional products of virtually every type are now available in an ecosmart alternative deign which in aggregate will make a difference for our planet. While these products may seem relatively insignificant in size we must remember that the scale of distribution of promotional products is tremendous and hundreds of millions of small earth friendly products make a significant difference.


Buyers of promotional products now have hundreds of product choices that are friendly to the environment. Some look just like products made from virgin materials and others have a recycled look that is obvious and helpful to their promotional goals. These promotional items have few performance standards that require them to be made from new raw materials. Plates, vinyl portfolios, pencils tote bags, notebooks, clothing, mugs, pens and the like, can be fabricated from recycled materials or produced from resins that are not derived from fossil fuels.


EmpirePromos has a large and ever increasing selection of EcoSmart, eco-friendly, organic, sustainable and recycled products that companies can proudly advertise their services and products on. So strengthen your relationships with your clients by supporting our environment with your next promotion.