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Office & Awards is your one stop shop for everything corporate office related. EmpirePromos offers you easy access to all of our awards and office items in one convenient location that saves you the time of searching individually for each item. Whether you're looking for a stapler, a motivational award or some sticky notes, you'll find all of them below and in logically labeled categories.

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Our Best Selling Custom Awards & Motivation Gifts

Thousands of organizations and business leaders understand that the use of motivational media and recognition awards to communicate corporate culture is an effective organizational tool. They are used to recognize achievement and inspire employees that make a difference, and to encourage excellence in every professional endeavor. Awards also stimulate the competitive spirit inherent in aspiring executives while providing the recognition for a job well done.


Imprinted awards and motivational gifts have a positive impact on heart and soul of the recipient who will continue to be an ambassador for your company while motivating others witnessing the presentation to strive for similar recognition.

Awards and Motivational Gifts are promotional products that foster company unity and strengthen internal and external relationships. By presenting your employees and clients with a promotional award or motivational gift you show them that you care and that you are satisfied with their performance.


Besides the more commonplace plaques and trophies, EmpirePromos features some sculpture awards that are beautiful, timeless pieces of art that the recipients can proudly display anywhere in their homes or offices. All of our awards are custom printed using the finest imprint processes such as laser engraving silk screening and glass etching.
Our Awards and Motivational Gifts include, but are not limited to: acrylic awards, desk accessories, pens, frames, lapel pins, marble awards, glass awards, crystal awards, plaques, premium awards, incentive awards, golf awards and star-shaped awards. Each award that we feature is selected for its unique and elegant design as well as quality craftsmanship. EmpirePromos will follow the production and shipment of your awards to be absolutely sure that they will arrive in time for their presentation.


Whether you are a senior manager giving your project managers an incentive award, or a CEO awarding your vice presidents for a job well done, Empire will source the right award for your need and budget.

If you have any questions about our promotional Awards and Motivational Gifts, or need some ideas for your company's next promotion, please feel free to contact us at 1-877 4PROMOS /1-877 477-6667. Ordering from Empire is easy!