Corporate Apparel

Corporate Apparel

Our apparel section is full of top of the line clothing without the top of the line prices. We've got t-shirts and winter jackets and everything in between. With names like Hanes, Dickies, Champion, Van Heusen and hundreds of other brands it's no wonder our customers are always satisfied when they order our promotional clothing. Think of us as a clothing outlet that will embroider your logo into that oxford button down without so much as a hesitation.

Apparel Categories

Our Best Selling Corporate Apparel


Corporate apparel is the largest category of promotional product sales by dollar volume. Just about every business, from local stores and service companies to large corporations use apparel as an effective promotional advertising medium. Each product in this arena gives terrific exposure for the advertising dollars spent. They are kept for years and some are worn just about every day every giving thousands of exposures per dollar spent. from giant corporations to local service companies all owners and marketing managers recognize the promotional power inherent in imprinted apparel. They are all walking billboards carrying your company logo or fundraising cause where everyone can see them.


Industry statistics show an increasing number of businesses using embroidered or imprinted corporate logos on all types of shirts. Corporate dress codes have in many cases evolved from Casual-Fridays to Casual Everyday creating demand for stylish and neat looking imprinted apparel.


Apparel has been used for centuries as a way of creating identity or membership in a group, whether for military or religious purposes. The evolution of hand embroidered family crests grew to an art form in the middle ages. Forged medallions were used on military armor for hundreds of years. The Chinese began the art of stenciling designs onto garments around 2500 B.C. finding the process to be more cost effective than hand painting.


Most of the garments fall into the category of corporate casual or personal weekend sports and casual wear.


As we have become a more casual culture in terms of dress and life style, imprinted garments began their ascendancy with sport teams using creative themes and bright colors to display their insignias. The ever popular imprinted baseball cap probably had it's origins in the late 19th century and has evolved into a staple of American casual wear. Caps are available in dozens of styles from structured designs to unstructured designs, each tailored to a particular audience's sense of style. Most are embroidered with up to 6 thread colors per cap, chosen from a palette of hundreds of thread colors to match the advertiser's color theme for their logo. The newest cap designs even feature UV repellent fabrics to further protect their users from harmful rays.


Starting with the silk screened t-shirt the use of imprinted apparel has grown into every category of casual dress products. Thousands of middle management executives wear corporate staff shirts, from button downs, to polo shirts. All of these shirts are embroidered to add a crisp and professional look for sales and service personnel. A trip to any discount retailer or big box store will demonstrate the proliferation of imprinted corporate apparel as both an advertising medium and a way to help customers find sales personnel to assist them. Industry statistics show an increasing number of custom t shirt giveaways for corporate promotions and contests. The latest trend is the use of Organic T-Shirts made of 100% naturally grown cottons. These give companies and organizations an advertising medium to tell their customers or members that they care about the environment. Our huge Tee collection includes T-shirts by Hanes ®, Champion®, Gildan®, Jerzees®, Port Authority@, Hyp® and Anvil® to name a few.


Imprinted apparel is not limited to summer and indoor styles alone. The silk screened or embroidered sweatshirt is another favorite, first introduced by Champion Sportswear in the 1930s. Sweatshirts are popular for most of the year in the U.S. where the temperatures fall below 65 degrees on a regular basis. They are great for sporting events and team promotions providing large imprint areas on the front or back for the advertiser's message. they are available with hoods "hoodies" and without, in various weights and a complete array of solid and washed colors.


Golf has created a huge market for imprinted apparel as it is the favorite game among American executives. Golf apparel includes high quality casual shirts, and jackets typically embroidered for a classy look on the course.


Empirepromos features every type of shirt, from the basic tees to golf shirts, polo's and casual dress shirts. Polo shirts now come in hundreds of fashionable styles, in a breathtaking array of beautiful colors - short sleeve and long-sleeve, 100% cotton and new moisture wicking miracle fibers. Most are available in matching men's and women's styles.



The availability of well styled and well constructed garments equal in quality to those found in retail establishments has hastened the rise in popularity of imprinted corporate apparel. recipients can now look their best in a well styled garment with a contemporary look that they are proud to wear. While the industry does not feature ultra-trendy styles, it does offer products that can be purchased with the certainty that there will be continuity and stock availability for ongoing corporate programs. Men's and Women's garments are now available in matching styles as women have been an ever increasing gender in the corporate workplace.


The Fabrics

While there is a softness and casual look to cottons and linens, the trend in casual wear fabrics has been to non-wrinkling, stain resistant, self-wicking and UV protectant fabrics. Eco-friendly fabrics are continuing to gain in popularity and they will soon be found in products more sophisticated than the cotton tee. fabric technology continues to drive the popularity of corporate apparel sales.


As for corporate jackets, we feature many styles, fabrics, constructions and decoration methods to best display your logo. Corporate jackets with an "upper end appeal" feature high-tech fabrics with new finishes and treatments - including waterproof-breathable fabrics and the latest in fleece designs. Corporate jackets with a more "moderate appeal" are often designed with either micro-fiber, brushed twill or canvas. Other fabrics include micro-fiber,canvas cotton blends and more.


Be sure to give us a call at 1-877- 4PROMOS so we can assist you with your logo and sizing requirements for your recipients.