Totes and the Power of Bags!

Bags are one of the most powerful and long lasting promotional products used in advertising today. Did you know that promotional bags, on average, are kept more than 7 months. That’s longer than shirts and pens! These long lasting tools generate almost twice as many impressions, over 5000, compared to the next highest promotional product. Bags offer a host of perks that can help build your brand. Get some bags for your company and build your brand!


Bags make nearly 6,000 impressions over their lifespan. Just for reference, that’s three times the number of impressions made by shirts and twice when compared to writing instruments.

Staying Power

People love free stuff and everyone knows free = better. Bags are kept for relatively long periods of time, an average of 7 months.


People love free stuff and everyone knows free = better. People consider bags useful and tend to associate the brand with the bag.

Cost Effectiveness

A bag’s cost-per-impression is extremely low, the price of the bag coupled with the number of impressions lead to impressions costing less than a cent! That’s lower than newspaper and even prime time TV.

SOURCE: ASI Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study 2014 & BAG MAKERS 2014 Sales Data

5 USA Made Products You Need Today

COLLAGE MiUSAShow your love for America; get these five budget-friendly products that are USA Made.

Support the American economy and your clients with these USA Made products. They are all useful, fun to play with, effective, cost-efficient, and look stunning with your logo.

Bottle Collage

1. Item # 30006 Made in the USA Sports Bottle 16 oz. bottle

AS LOW AS $0.78 or CALL for a lower price!

This multi-colored sports bottle allows you to mix and match the bottle color and lid style/color sports bottle. It comes in an array of fun colors and includes your choice of lid: push-pull, super sipper or straw with tethered-tip. With over 3000 possible combinations, you will always have a unique color combo for each of your summer marketing campaigns. It will look fancy with your logo for just under a dollar! Reusable and made of BPA-free plastic.

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2. Item #32364 Vitamin E Lip Balm With SPF 15

AS LOW AS $0.67 or CALL for a lower price!

The beating sun pounds down on your parched, cracked lips. You try to hydrate the dying skin with water from the sports bottle but it continues to crack. With this lip balm that has SPF protection, you can help your clients prevent chapped lips. With 3 different flavors, your client will remember your brand. It’s FDA approved, free of Oxybenzone, PABA and gluten.

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3. Item # 30178 Two-Minute Sand Timer

AS LOW AS $1.04 or CALL for a lower price!

Upside and Downside. This cool hourglass figurine can help you track the time in increments of two-minutes. It adds a surprise element when playing games with family, friends, and clients. These are a sure-fire USA Made hit.

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4. Item # 30574 Large Athletic Flyer

AS LOW AS $0.84 or CALL for a lower price!

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a … Large Athletic Flyer (LAF)? This fun toy will be the spotlight of your clients outings to the park, beach, or destination. They can play with family and friends; they will remember your company especially with the logo emblazoned on the center. It’s a summertime favorite, especially since it’s USA Made, your clients will know they are supporting a company that supports the American economy.

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Item # 31900 Mandal Notebook/Coloring Book Set

AS LOW AS $4.87 or CALL for a lower price!

Write and color your worries away. This versatile notebook/coloring book combo allows you to relax and rehabilitate. The USA Made notebook promotes Namaste philosophy and allows you to promote your company at the same time.

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The Smart Music Gadget For All Your Personal and Business Needs

32417Blog(1)An all-in-one multi-media device has never been more affordable.

Versatility at its finest. With an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker that includes a a built-in microphone, LED lamp, digital creative palette, a thermometer, a smart alarm clock, and a desktop notification system, this multi-functional product is compact and efficient for use at your office or when you want to use it at home.

32417Blog(2)First things first, a digital creative palette allows you to personalize and create your own designs that showcase your imagination. With a wide spectrum of colors and abundant space, your thoughts can be materialized onto this awesome screen via LED lights.

32417Blog(5) With a built-in alarm clock, you will never be late again! Instead of blindly reaching for the snooze button, this comes with an app that allows you to control the settings so that you actually have to turn off the alarm. Again, LED lights make looking at the time that much cooler.


This app does everything! The LED lights brighten up lives. You can turn all of them on at once to use as a make-shift lamp so you will never be in the dark again. You can control the colors so you aren’t stuck with some boring repeat.


Having to constantly check the weather so I can dress accordingly can be a drag. Now, you can just click the thermometer button and it will show you the current temperature. Look how far technology has come.


Did I mention that it can also notify you when you receive a message on Facebook or a new tweet from that celebrity you’ve been dying to hear from? Well, it does! You’ll never have to constantly check your phone because this device does it for you.

And of course, this is a speaker so you can use it to blast your favorite tunes and jam along with friends. Even when you’re not near it and want to change the song, just speak to it and it will hear you– it won’t annoy you like a human would.

Let’s recap:

  • Bluetooth capability up to 33 feet

  • Interactive app allows users to control led display

  • Built-in microphone, real time thermometer, and smart alarm clock

  • 6 hours of play

  • Desktop notification system: icons pop up whenever you get a text, email, call, etc.

  • Great for home and work environments


Get it here: All-In-One Bluetooth Speaker Item #32417

AS LOW AS $62.69 or EVEN LOWER if you call 1 877-477-6667.

Key Safety Certifications and Safety Testing for Power Banks



With more people than ever using smartphones and digital tablets, there’s strong demand for safe, high-quality accessories to keep them powered up. Specifically, there are three certifications that many promotional products customers are looking for – MFi, UL and ETL.

Here’s a quick look at each.

  • MFi, or Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod, is a licensing program created by Apple that allows third-party developers to manufacture hardware approved for use with iPods, iPads and iPhones. When a product carries this special certification, you know it can be trusted to work with your Apple device.
  • UL is a global independent safety-science company, and its logo is universally recognized as a symbol of quality. Products that are UL Listed have been tested and verified as meeting that company’s published standards for safety.
  • The ETL Listed Mark is issued by Intertek, another independent safety-testing company. Similar to UL Listing, the ETL Listed Mark is proof that a product has been tested and is in compliance with globally recognized safety standards.

Ultimately, though, these symbols all mean the same thing – confidence. That’s why we continue to offer products bearing the MFi, UL and ETL symbols.

Our power banks undergo rigorous testing to ensure that when in use, they function safely and perform as expected every time. They are manufactured under the industry’s most comprehensive power bank safety program, testing overall quality in three categories: Functional, Situational, and Cosmetic and Packaging.



This power bank has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that when in use, it functions safely and performs as expected every time. It is manufactured under the industry’s most comprehensive power bank safety program, testing overall quality in three categories: Functional, Situational, and Cosmetic and Packaging.


This product has undergone a series of tests to ensure that when it’s in use, it functions safely and performs as expected every time.
A function test to ensure that the product does not catch fire, explode or short-circuit
A test of the product’s charging and discharging function
Testing whether indicator lights, power switches and other controls function correctly
Testing to ensure that connections with other products (e.g., phones, tablets, laptops) function correctly
Testing to ensure power bank capacity matches our specifications
Checks to ensure that interior components are approved per specification



It has been tested to ensure that it functions safely and performs as expected under specific conditions.


Ensure that short-circuit protection and over-current protection functions properly
Full charging and discharging by rated currents to record times and ensure that dangerous malfunctions don’t occur (e.g., catching fire)
Charging by rated current until power bank is full, then charging for another hour
Discharging by rated current until power bank is empty, then discharging for another hour
Abuse test of plugs, switches and controls
Drop testing of product and carton

Cosmetic and Packaging

The Cosmetic and Packaging inspection includes a visual check for dozens of potential flaws, with a focus on these areas:


General Appearance
Logo / Logo Printing Area / Marking
Workmanship / Appearance
Accessories (e.g., pouch or charging cable)


8 Great Holiday Gifts Under $5


For budgets under $5, make a big impression with these popular products.

If you’re wondering what you can give out to express holiday good wishes to your clientele, here are some of our most successful ones.  They are useful, cost effective and attractive and most will remain to be seen for years to come as a positive reminder of your organization.





1. Item # 18456 3 1/4″ Ornament Ball – Shatterproof

AS LOW AS $2.24!

A lasting holiday gift that will enhance any festive tree. Economically priced, satin finished, durable, shatterproof ornaments are treasured mementos that will carry your message for years to come. Item includes gold braided hanging string and is individually packaged in a clear plastic presentation box.

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2. Item # 27015 Mobile Device Lycra Pocket

AS LOW AS $1.79!

This award winning Lycra pocket will be a winner for a multitude of different promotions. Everyone has a need to carry credit cards, business cards, ID cards, pocket change and keys- this accessory holds all of those important items in one compact, convenient place. This material holds more than the silicone version. It has a removable, non-residue polyurethane adhesive back. It is re-attachable and can be used as a screen cleaner too.

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3. Item # 31547 Hardcover Sticky Notes Booklet

AS LOW AS $.91!

Ideal for organizing addicts, students, and lawyers, these booklets are filled with sticky notes, pads, and flags. Utilize these paper accessories to reference important passages and find integral passages. Hard cover jotter-style booklet includes 25 sheets of sticky flags in 5 colors, 25-page 3″ x 2″ yellow sticky memo pad and 50-page 4″ x 3″ yellow sticky memo pad with elastic closure. This item is perfect for organizing documents, projects and holiday parties.

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4. Item # 30769 500 mA USB Car Charger

AS LOW AS $1.55!

Juicing up while on the road? No problem.

Transform any car’s interior space into a charging hub with this USB car charger. Complete with a USB port and 5V/500mA output, plug in any charging cable to make this compatible with any mobile device. Perfect for charging smart phones during travel.

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5. Item # 28698 3 LED Aluminum Keychain

AS LOW AS $2.05!

Shine a light on your company with this powerful LED flashlight! This compact, sleek, and slim LED flashlight crafted from high-grade aluminum packs a powerful punch despite its small size. Includes easy on/off button and three individual bulbs create a luminous beam, while a key ring attachment ensures you will take it everywhere you go. Gift box with batteries included.

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6. Item # 26630 Two Tone 15 oz. Mug

AS LOW AS $3.80!

Take the time out of a busy morning to sit down and enjoy the morning and get a great start to your day. It’s not rare for your customers to feel more at ease and energized after sitting down with these 15 ounce ceramic mugs. Or that could just be the caffeine. These mugs will make a morning person out of everyone. Item includes a side grip handle. Hand wash recommended. Microwave safe with non-metallic print.

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7. Item # 23893 Curvaceous Ballpoint Stylus

AS LOW AS $.60!

The twist action pen, soft stylus and comfort grip make this an excellent choice for your corporate pens. Why give out a pen with only one function, when you can give these attention-getting technology gifts? 14 silver combos with bright color rubberized grips includes black ink and soft rubber tip stylus.

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8. Item # 29520 Economy Barrel Duffel

AS LOW AS $3.97!

Boasting a retail-quality look at a budget price, this duffel is a supreme value. Its roomy interior can accommodate clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other travel essentials.

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8 Top Holiday Gifts Under $10


For budgets under $10, make a bigger impression with these top promotional items.


Blog_31685(1)1. Item # 31685 Suction Journal & Ballpoint Stylus Set

AS LOW AS $6.26!

This is the ultimate writing bundle. It features a faux leather journal with elastic closure, pen loop, 80 sheets of lined paper and a colorful page marker. The suction panel holds most smartphones to carry anywhere. The ballpoint pen is a great addition to write your notes and easily type on your phone with the soft rubber stylus.

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2. Item # 31695 Snap! Selfie Stick

AS LOW AS $8.96!

Embrace the #selfienation with this sleek selfie stick. It has a compact length of 8 inches and extends up to 30 inches. Perfect for taking selfies of a large group or scenery. Connects to the phone through a 3.5 mm audio cord and is ready to snap. This product is great for promotion with its large imprint area.

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3. Item # 24754 Classic Cheese Board & Knife Set

AS LOW AS $8.91!

Introduce these cheese boards to your promotional line up and just bask in the oozing goodness of Brie and Gouda. Let your prospects get a taste for the finer points of your company and become enamored with your company. Your clients will finally appreciate the high brow pleasure of cutting the cheese.

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4.  Item # 29114 Prestige Power Bank

AS LOW AS $8.01!

Quality and capacity at a significant cost saving to you.  Fully tested on specialized battery testing equipment.   Includes smart control 1C which could avoid over-charge, discharge, over-current and short circuiting. MSDS safety data sheet available.

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5. Item # 24693 All-Write 3-in-1 Stylus

AS LOW AS $2.11!

Show your clients you’re up to date with your imprint on this three-in-one stylus/LED/pen trio. Featuring Capacitance technology, it’s sure to work on any smartphone or tablet device.

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6. Item # 28956 Wooden 13-Function Pocket Knife

AS LOW AS $7.39!

Includes a flashlight, flat head screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, scissors, saw, knife, corkscrew, nail file, finger nail pick, toothpick, Phillips head screwdriver, awl, and key ring.

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Blog_31671(1)7. Item # 31671 Riviera Executive Pen

AS LOW AS $5.90!

The Riviera Executive Pen is a twist-action ballpoint pen. It has a sleek design and your can personalize it by engraving your logo on the cap. The faux leather-wrapped body gives this pen a luxe feel and it also comes in a 2-piece gift box.

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Blog_22064(1)8. Item # 22064 60″ Arc Golf Umbrella

AS LOW AS $8.35!

Featuring a larger imprint than others, this is the perfect promotional umbrella for almost any imprint. Equip prospective and current clients alike with a sturdy umbrella with the best imprint on it: yours!

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8 Fantastic Holiday Gifts Under $15






1. Item # 31663 Rectangular Glass Desk Frame

AS LOW AS $13.43!

The Rectangular Glass Desk Frame is the perfect desk item to have your logo displayed at all times and remain on your customer’s awareness. This product has a rich design, is hand made and it screams personalization.

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Blog_31666(1)2. Item # 31666 Neoprene Wine Caddy

AS LOW AS $10.79!

Impress your clients when you give them wine in this Built brand carrier.  Your gift will stand out from rest.

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Blog_27330(1)3. Item # 27330 Hole-in-One 62″ Golf Umbrella

AS LOW AS $12.09!

The Hole-In-One 62″ Golf Umbrella is a strong yet stylish umbrella that will allow your clients to be in the rain longer and happier. Comes with a matching Nylon case with shoulder strap, this umbrella is about as durable as it gets.

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Blog_31658(1)4. Item # 31658 Riviera Executive Power Bank

AS LOW AS $12.56!

The Riviera Executive Power Bank is a 2200 mAh portable charger. Features Samsung Lithium-ion battery, ready indicator light and on/off switch and a standard USB connector cable to always charge on the go. It has charging capacity of 100% for iPhone® & Smartphones, 15% for iPad® 1, 2 and 3, 20% for iPad® Mini and 100% for iPod® and Digital Music Players. It also includes a soft faux leather sleeve which protects the power bank and also makes it look stylish.

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Blog_28583(2)5. Item # 28583 California Innovations Business Traveler Cooler

AS LOW AS $12.81!

The California Innovations travel cooler has premium features, such as a zippered main compartment and side mesh pockets. It’s the perfect promotional product for grocery stores, food distributors, and restaurants.

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Blog_31668(1)6. Item #31668 Riviera Journal

AS LOW AS $9.03!

Never miss a note with this soft faux leather journal. It has 80 ruled pages and a bookmark so you can go back right where you left off. The matching elastic loop closure ensures your writing is safe and secure. The pocket on the inside back cover keeps your documents in place and available for when you need them. Larger coverage on front cover available at additional cost.

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Blog_30061(1)7. Item # 30061 Happy Travels Packable 21″ Duffel

AS LOW AS $9.86!

Don’t get weighed down by a heavy duffel bag. The Happy Travels Packable Duffel was thoughtfully designed to increase organization and reduce unnecessary bulk. Includes a handy travel guide with tips to help you “Pack Like a Pro.”

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8. Item #28421 Bottle of Steel

AS LOW AS $10.76!

Our “Bottle of Steel” is exactly as advertised; it’s a durable stainless tumbler. Versatile and practical, it can be used to carry any type of beverage (hot or cold), making it the perfect all-season drink accessory.

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8 Awesome Holiday Gifts Under $20

HolidayGiftsUnder$20Blog_149161. Item #14916 Large Vented Folding Golf Umbrella

AS LOW AS $15.60!

Here’s a super-size golf umbrella that’s both a folding umbrella and a vented one.  It’s 58″ arc is the largest around that’s both vented and folding. Add the features below and you have a very special golf umbrella. Folds down to 22″ in length.

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Blog_31654(2)2. Item # 31654 Ghirardelli Chocolates Holiday Tin

AS LOW AS $14.46!

Sinfully rich and delightfully smooth, these cocoa squares are the perfect executive-level gift. Clients will adore the deluxe gold packaging and playfully imprinted sleeve.




Blog_31718(2)3. Item # 31718 The Empire Gift Box

AS LOW AS $16.20!

Our Empire Gift Box is a thoughtful way to say “Thank You!” or send greetings for this holiday season. The box is filled with gourmet caramel popcorn and cookies. Make your mark with our elegant gift box and wrap it with a ribbon with a color of your choice. Hot stamp your logo on the box for a gift clients will never forget.







4. Item # 31640 New York Tablet Padfolio

AS LOW AS $17.26!

The New York Tablet Padfolio means business! You can be on the go and still work on your projects or check your social media during down time. It has multiple pockets, pen loop and zippered PVC tablet pocket to keep it secure. Also it includes a 30 sheet pad to jot down your important notes. Larger coverage on front cover available at additional cost.

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5. Item #29576 Coleman 9-Can Soft Sided Cooler

AS LOW AS $15.21!

Manufactured by the most trusted name in outdoors products, this Coleman cooler is high-quality and built to last. Its recipients will love using it at the beach, on a picnic, or at a campsite.

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6. Item #26712 16 oz Contigo West Loop

AS LOW AS $20.26!

Great for morning coffee, some soothing tea, or just a glass of fruit juice, these 16 oz tumblers get the job done. Let your customers rest easy knowing that they’ll never knock over their drink and ruin important paperwork again with the auto seal cap.

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7. Item # 10130 17″ Expandable Saddle Bag Brief

AS LOW AS $16.13!

This saddle bag features a complete organizer beneath the flap, and the main compartment expands and adapts to your needs. This is a promotional gift that keeps on giving.

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8. Item # 18234 Outdoor Fleece Picnic Blanket

AS LOW AS $18.09!

Backed with a water-repellant nylon fabric, this blanket is perfect for use on dewy grass. Featuring carry handles and a folding design, it’s ideal for on-the-go.

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