Totes and the Power of Bags!

Bags are one of the most powerful and long lasting promotional products used in advertising today. Did you know that promotional bags, on average, are kept more than 7 months. That’s longer than shirts and pens! These long lasting tools generate almost twice as many impressions, over 5000, compared to the next highest promotional product. Bags offer a host of perks that can help build your brand. Get some bags for your company and build your brand!


Bags make nearly 6,000 impressions over their lifespan. Just for reference, that’s three times the number of impressions made by shirts and twice when compared to writing instruments.

Staying Power

People love free stuff and everyone knows free = better. Bags are kept for relatively long periods of time, an average of 7 months.


People love free stuff and everyone knows free = better. People consider bags useful and tend to associate the brand with the bag.

Cost Effectiveness

A bag’s cost-per-impression is extremely low, the price of the bag coupled with the number of impressions lead to impressions costing less than a cent! That’s lower than newspaper and even prime time TV.

SOURCE: ASI Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study 2014 & BAG MAKERS 2014 Sales Data

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