Apparel Decorating Methods

We offer five high-quality imprinting methods for showcasing your brand. Each method has its own unique look, allowing you choose the one that – in combination with our stylish apparel – delivers the greatest impact for your brand.​

Infusion: Exclusive new method that seamlessly infuses logos with our custom-made fabrics.
Laser : Applicable at virtually any location, laser produces a permanent tone-on-tone look that’s great for technical fabrics.
Embroidery : With thread colors to match any logo, our embroidery reproduces your logo in fine detail
Deboss : Ideal for waterproof and other technical fabrics, deboss uses a die that’s heat-pressed into the material, creating a striking 3D appearance.
True Edge : cutting-edge heat transfer process that provides superior clarity and precision.


HXD : uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the best attributes of two methods: the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the unlimited color, incredible detail and location versatility of TrueEdge Transfer.



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