Summer Fun is a Click Away

This is my favorite time of year.  I love being outdoors, whether it be  walking, jogging, beach going, outdoor concerts, sporting events.

Take a look at some of our best selling “cool” items perfect for outdoor events and for maximizing your brand awareness. Present these classic coolers with your logo silkscreened on this item as the perfect promotional product to carry along during the summer. 

12 Can Leakproof Cooler – Item #10109

12 Can Leakproof Cooler

Of course, being outdoors means exposure to the elements and here is our “save your skin” sunscreen bottle with carabiner for easy attachment. It is the prime time to apply sunscreen as the summer is here and this promotional gift will make everyone remember your brand name as it will be a practical item during this season.



 Sunscreen in a Carabiner Bottle – Item #15133

In the midst of having a great time, what happens? It starts to rain and you have carried a lot of “stuff”. This handy umbrella is so compact it can even fit into your pocket.


Colorful Folding Umbrella – Item #20720

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