“What do you have that’s a great promotional product?”

I’ve been asked that question so many times.  A great promotional product is one that addresses your marketing needs and does it cost effectively. And now, “cost effective” is more important than ever.  That’s why our “Great Ideas Under $1.00” web category is one of our most popular. Here are some products that give you a “great bang for your advertising buck”:

Bic® BOGO Sale, Bic®Round Stic Clear Colors

This sale presents a rare opportunity to get a name brand, quality product at a greatly reduced price.  The sale is good until 8/31/2011, but any reorders can be at the sale price until the end of the year.



The Computer Screen Sweep Brush/Letter Slitter

This is a product that costs less than a dollar and is so functional that it will take its place on every desk and keep your logo in your clients’ view for years to come. It’s perfect for trade shows, sales calls or direct mail as it is small and lightweight.

computer brush


Computer BtudhComputer Brush

 20 oz. Aluminum Sports Water Bottle

You can see sports bottles like this at high end retail stores for three times the price.  With lots of hot summer weather ahead of us, this will be a welcome and well-used promotional gift.



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