Wake up with a Cup of Coffee!

Good Morning! Even though it is a Friday morning, I still need my cup of coffee to wake up for the start of the day. When you order a cup of coffee, you may notice that the paper cup has an imprint on it in addition to the cup sleeve.

This reminded me of the plastic paper cups we sell as you can see in the image below:

plastic paper cups

Besides using a promotional paper cup for coffee to brand your company, cups are welcome to the use for any types of liquid beverages and this thought reminded me that promotional mugs and drinkware are everywhere to be found in our daily lives. It was not until after working here at EmpirePromos, I started to acknowledge that promotional products have always been in our lives. For example, when I am out having dinner with friends or new people after work, a typical question includes “Where do you work? What do you do?”. If we are sitting at a restaurant, I look at the table and point to the imprinted glass of water to show them an example of the type of promotional products our company has to offer. In brief, I explain how we work with making it a fun and simple process to order promotional products from us whether it is for a special promotion, public or private events, entertainment, or anything you can think of for needing a promotional product.

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