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Fidget Spinners for All Occasions

34072BannerIt’s the hottest new toy around.  Both adults and kids will definitely have fun with this promotional piece. 

336101. Item #33610 Fidget Spinner

Associate your brand with fun and lightheartedness. Choose your favorite cap and base colors to create a custom combo. This CPSIA-approved product has permanent markings affixed, identifying the manufacturer, date and place of manufacture, and a tracking code.  Full color, full bleed available. Bold imprints are recommended.

340722. Item #34072 Light Up Spin-It Widget

Not to worry. Busy trade shows, events-packed conferences, heavy college course load, the vicissitudes of daily life, these days anything can trigger stress. This customizable widget to fidget with is the perfect giveaway to wave away anxiety or boredom.

342873. Item #34287 PromoSpinner – Earth

Put your logo on the face of the Earth with this little gadget that will provide fun and fidget-free distraction every time it’s taken for a spin. Pocket-sized for convenient giveaway.

342764. Item #34276 GameTime Spinner – Football

Fun to fidget with, a snap to give away, this football-themed spinner is one of the most popular new promotion gadgets in the field. What a fun way to score extra points with customers and prospects.

342775. Item #34277 GameTime Spinner – Golf

Drive your branding home with a giveaway everyone will want to take away. Stress-relieving spinners are fun for everyone. This golf-themed version, with its large imprint area, will link prospects to you long after the event is over.

342846. Item #34284 PromoSpinner – Baseball

Here’s the pitch: personalized spinners are a home run for marketers. Pocket-sized and lightweight with a disproportionately large imprint area, these little gadgets are in a league of their own for providing comfort and relaxation when the pressure is on.

342837. Item #34283 PromoSpinner – Basketball

Many adults, kids too, have become avid fans of gadgets that help them focus better by not fidgeting. This basketball-themed spinner can put your logo in the center of the action with its prominent imprint.

342828. Item #34282 PromoSpinner – Star

Make your brand a star.  This spinner’s supersized imprint area will focus attention on you while providing its users relief from fidgeting. Small wonder spinners have become such an effective promotion item. How about for you for your next big show?

342789. Item #34278 PromoSpinner – House

The latest fad gadget, fidget spinners are a fun, interactive and beneficial way to promote your company by relieving stress and boredom. The oversized branding area will keep the focus on you!

3428110. Item #34281 PromoSpinner – Santa

Ho ho ho. This spinner, with its oversized area for your logo, will add fun to your image while providing comfort in stressful situations like overly long business meetings or challenging classroom instruction. Also perfect as a stocking stuffer for the Santa set.

3427911. Item #34279 PromoSpinner – Snowman

Put you logo on this super spinner and take the stress off any tense or tedious situation. All the rage right now, these trendy giveaway gadgets are a great way to keep your brand at your prospects fingertips.

Think Pink! For Breast Cancer Awareness

Think Pink! For Breast Cancer Awareness
Think Pink! For Breast Cancer Awareness

Show your customers & employees your company’s support of breast cancer awareness with these Pink promotional products.


1. Item #15030 Awareness Bag Clip

Promote your company while supporting a worthy cause with the Awareness promotional Bag Clip. Magnetic backing available for displaying on appliances.


2. Item #22406 Awareness Emery Board

Ribbon-shaped emery board will increase awareness and features attractive European emery paper which is laminated to wood veneer. A great giveaway at any event.


3. Item #26140 Sunglasses with Custom Full Color Lenses

Seeing is believing! No one will be able to take their eyes off these kaleidoscopic-like sunglasses which means your logo will always be stage center. A great one-size-fits-all giveaway!


4. Item #33529 Cooling Towel In Carabiner Case

When the weather warms or the activity heats up, this quick-absorbing- quick-drying towel is just the ticket. The built-in carabiner is the perfect caddy. What a refreshing way to promote your organization—especially a golf course, tennis camp or athletic association.


5. Item #33699 Awareness MopTopper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pen

Put your brand in the pink. This Awareness screen cleaner-stylus pen is priced for mass distribution, designed to bring a smile every time. A great way for any company or organization to show its support for an important cause.


6. Item #34337 Breast Cancer Awareness Coloring Book

Breast cancer treatment often involves a lot of waiting. This custom coloring book is a pleasurable way to pass the time while it conveys inspiring messages, wellness tips and other helpful information. Good item for government offices, hospitals, clinics and more.


7. Item #34343 Cool 1 Oz. Hand Sanitizer with Moisture Beads

Rally support for a good cause and express your company’s helping hand with this lightly scented hand sanitizer with added moisture. Perfect promotional item for sponsors of money raising walks for the cure.


8. Item #34349 Runners Fanny Pack

Get breast cancer awareness off and running with this practical fanny pack. Adjustable to fit most wearers, it features inner and outer pockets plus a built in pocket to store ear buds. Perfect for walks, runs and many other events.


9. Item #34350 Ultimate Gym Tote

To their health! This awareness-building fitness bag has pockets in all the right places, sturdy rope handles and elastic loops for a gym mat or towel.  Great choice for health clubs, spas, yoga studios and more.