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Home is where the heart is.


A house is not a home without delightful accessories and whimsical touches. Provide your clients with items to fill their personal sanctuaries, and they’ll think of you on a daily basis. See our favorite items below.

1. Item # 12071 Aluminum Photo Frame

frameWhere else could we find a photo frame sleeker than this one? A silver finish makes this modern frame the perfect finishing touch to any desk! It’s double-sided, which means you can tastefully put two of your most treasured 4″ x 6″ photos on display. The frame is constructed from a sturdy aluminum, so you can keep the images of your loved ones close for years to come. Packaged in a gift box, this trendsetting item is ideal for placing on your nightstand or giving away to your clients.

2. Item # 28439 Field & Co. Cambridge Sherpa Blanket

blanket“I have too many blankets,” said no one ever. This ultra-cozy blanket combines timeless style with luxurious comfort to bring the perfect new addition to your lounge collection. It features soft velour and sherpa backing – crafted for the ultimate level of rest and relaxation.

3. Item # 19806 Frosted Glass Candle Holder + Box

candleNothing is more therapeutic than the amber glow of candlelight. Functional for just about any occasion, this aromatherapy candle comes in a frosted glass that looks great atop any surface. The beautiful gold box wrapped with a custom ribbon in your choice of color makes this candle a beautiful gift to give or receive.

4. Item # 31236 Bamboo Cutting Board with Silicone Grip

cutting boardHere’s the inspiration you were looking for to start cooking your own meals! Gorge on greens with this bamboo cutting board, a kitchen essential great for chopping salad ingredients, stir fry veggies, and herbs. Its slim profile and thumb hole make for easy storage – simply hang it on a hook or slip it into a drawer.

5. Item # 19864 Plant in Bamboo Pot


Looking to brighten up your home with a bit of greenery? Plants are a great way to add a bit of life and color to an otherwise plain room. This mini flower kit includes your choice from among 10 different seed varieties. Its small size makes it convenient for placing on your work desk, and the imprinted pot does a good job of promoting your brand. A delightful product we’re sure you’ll get a lot of compliments on!

6. Item # 20883 Soft Sided Vase


A cool and innovative way to display your fresh flowers! This vase takes its shape when filled with water.  Its flexible PVC material means you’ll never have to worry about shattering or storage again. A fun, fresh, and inexpensive option that makes for an interesting decor aesthetic.

7. Item # 29267 Waterproof Shower Speaker

speakerDon’t just sing in the shower – sing along in the shower! This high-definition 3.0 Bluetooth speaker is not only wireless, but it’s also waterproof. Just pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with this speaker, and enjoy up to eight hours of play time.

Write on!


Aside from typing away on a computer keyboard, we use writing instruments on a daily basis. From multicolored pens, to mechanical pencils, to smudge-free highlighter markers, the possibilities are endless. Simple tasks like affixing a signature onto a document or jotting down something on a sticky note are crucial to the smooth functioning of any work environment. EmpirePromos helps ensure that you have the best writing instruments available to fit any task at hand. You get to choose the styles and colors you prefer – we’ll take care of the rest.

1. Item # 30194 Eco-Friendly Pen/Highlighter

30194Reduce, reuse, recycle! How perfectly adorable are these eco-friendly pen-highlighters? They’re made from recycled paper and biodegradable materials. The highlighter colors match the trims, aside from black (which is a bit obvious). This item will be all you’ll ever need to tackle any organizational task. Plus, both you and your clients will feel good about using it.

2. Item # 22500 Recycled Water Bottle Ballpoint Pen


Continuing on that eco-friendly stream of thought, here’s a pen with a story. These transparent ballpoint pens are made from recycled water bottles! You can be sure that they’ll refresh your logo for years to come. Fun fact: One 1.5 liter plastic water bottle can make five of these pens. How many pens can we make simply by recycling?

3. Item # 29195 Mr. Mop Top Stylus Pen and Cleaner
29195The cutest and most practical “pen pal”! This click-action ballpoint pen features an adorable smiley face, a tie-shaped clip, and mop top hair. Retract the pen point, and you have yourself a stylus tip to use with your touchscreen devices. The microfiber hair serves as a screen cleaner to wipe away smudges and dirt. Looks like Mr. Mop Top is as dapper as he is functional!

4. Item # 29072 Roll Top Massager Pen

29072Reduce muscle tension “write away” with this massager pen! Each pen comes with four ink colors, so you have an abundance of options to choose from. The barrel grip is designed for greater writing comfort and control. The rubber roller top helps easily target pressure points. Goodbye, muscle pain!

5. Item # 22309 Highlighter/Eraser Combo

22309Erasable pens? That’s so 1979. Now, we have erasable highlighters! This item has a highlighter on one side and a highlighter eraser on the other. Its non-toxic chisel tip is great for precise note organization. Gone are the days of groaning in frustration after discovering that you’ve accidentally highlighted the entire page.

6. Item # 13183 Two-In-One Post-it Flag Highlighter

13183All of your note-taking needs taken care of! These brightly-colored highlighters are each loaded with 50 matching Post-it flags that are protected by a rotating cover when they’re not in use. Simple, multi-functional, and easy-to-use. Need we say more?

7. Item # 31025 Matte Black Jotting Pencil

31025Old-school with a contemporary twist. This sleek-looking matte black pencil features a matching eraser and trim for a more streamlined design. The classic wooden pencil gets an upgrade, and we’re loving it.

8. Item # 29596 Zebra M701 Mechanical Pencil

29596If you’re looking to add a bit of sophistication to your brand, this item might serve as inspiration on where to start. The premium stainless steel construction exudes austere grandeur and luxury. The textured steel grip adds comfort without compromising design. You can be sure that this 0.7 mm lead mechanical pencil will last for years to come.