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Welcome, Autumn!


“In fields of bush clover and hay-scent grass

the autumn moon takes refuge

The cricket’s song is gold…”

– Margaret Gibson, “Autumn Grasses”

The balmy days of summer are coming to an end, but there’s no need to regret not having spent more time enjoying it. The autumn season is just as wonderful, with its more moderate temperatures and its stunning displays of foliage. This time, EmpirePromos has got you covered, and you won’t even notice the earlier sunsets. You’ll be too busy embracing the great outdoors – whether it’s sporting your favorite fall jacket while you stroll about the city or sipping a hot cup of tea in the middle of Central Park. Ah, it already makes us happy just thinking about it.

1. Item # 26837 Archie 6″ Plastic Football

footballAutumn means football! Get your game on with this 6″ plastic football. Perfect for that annual Thanksgiving family football game or for teaching your little one the rules. This football will allow you to easily promote your company in a fun way. Comes in a variety of colors!

2. Item # 24769 Picnic Blanket

blanketPicturesque backdrop? Check. Homemade sandwiches? Check. Forget the hustle and bustle for a while, and kick back on this cozy soft blanket. Foam padding and waterproof backing make for more comfortable seating, while easy roll-up carrying displays your company’s logo. The perks of being outdoorsy.

3. Item # 15421 Voyager Men’s Fleece Jacket by Charles River

jacketWhen the weather starts to get chillier, rest assured you’ll be prepared. This soft favorite gives off an effortless and cozy look with fleece that provides protection against dropping temperatures. Zippered side pockets make for convenient storage of necessities when you’re out and on the go.

4. Item # 28556 MoMA Color Spectrum Wheel Collapsible Umbrella

umbrellaThis 16-panel umbrella will distinguish you from the crowd of pedestrians wielding black umbrellas, bringing color to any gloomy, overcast day. The MoMA name ensures quality,  combining functionality with artistic craft. Just singing in the rain, what a glorious feelin’…

Back to school? Done.


August has the ability to instill gut-wrenching dread in even the best of us. School in the upcoming weeks means exciting conversation with friends and the unveiling of the schedule you’ve always wanted, but gone will be the blissful summer days of idling around until late sunset without worry. As school draws nearer, it might dawn on you that you’ve spent more time cringing at the idea of it than preparing your return. Fortunately for you, we’re here to lift some of the back-to-school burden. Our wide range of products covers all the bases. They’re both functional and customizable so you can walk into class equipped with all you need and an extra bit of school spirit imprinted on your supplies.

1. Item # 28451 Cutter & Buck Pacific Fremont Compu-Rucksack


Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, this sophisticated backpack features a rustic wool-blend exterior with faux leather accents. It includes a rear compartment padded sleeve to carry both a laptop (up to 17″) and a tablet. Its front zippered pocket is also equipped with organizational slots. Style and function? You can say that again.

2. Item # 28811 Wet Wipes and Tissue Combination Pack

tissueWith this antibacterial wellness pack, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during the school year. Whether you’re sneezing uncontrollably on the subway ride to class or eating food from a food cart outside, nothing will ever faze you again. You’ll be prepared for anything life throws your way, whether it’s lemons or well… a runny nose. It happens.

3. Item # 30626 All-in-1 Pencil Sharpener Eraser

pencilYour mechanical pencil just ran out of lead. You sigh as you reach into the depths of your backpack to pull out that No. 2 pencil you’re pretty sure you left in there a while back in the case of an emergency. You finally manage to find it, only to discover its stubby excuse of a point isn’t any better than the mechanical pencil you just abandoned. This has become a REAL emergency. Only then you remember you have your trusty all-in-1 pencil sharpener eraser, and everything is wonderful again.


4. Item # 26226 EcoSmart Bound Notebook with Pen

EcoSmart Bound Notebook with Pen

Students will always have use for a notebook, whether it is for a certain class, to record assignments and important dates, or to simply jot down precious but ephemeral thoughts. This eco-friendly alternative to standard notebooks is chic, personalized, and comes equipped with a matching pen to encourage writing so you can establish the organizational skills that are crucial to academic success.