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Impress all this holiday season with your logo on these great holiday gifts!

Go Gourmet for the Holiday



1. Item #34454 Triple Treat Present with Mixed Nuts

They’ll go nuts over this delicious assortment. And you can forget about tying your own ribbons or spending hours gift wrapping as these come with the ribbon hand tied. Just write your note and you’re done!


2. Item #34452 20 oz. Himalayan Tumbler with Gourmet Stuffer & Custom Box

Give a holiday gift that will remain to be seen and used long after the holiday is past. The food, box and imprinting are USA made. When you order, let us know which fill you prefer.




3. Item #34453 Cube Box with Gourmet Treats

These delicious cookies are baked to order and make a yummy holiday treat. When you order, let us know which type of cookie you’d like. Nothing says thank you like something delicious to enjoy with friends and family.


4. Item #34461 15 oz. FullColor Mug with Four Assorted Tea Bags

We love gifts that sport your logo, but also provide food, the universal feel good gift for the holidays. Ask us about other available fills which include several types of candy and cocoa. Some candies are available in specific corporate colors.


344575. Item #34457 Gourmet Spice and Rub Bottle Shaker Set

You won’t have to worry about pleasing everyone when you give these interesting, tasty spices. In addition to being a warm, friendly holiday gift, this set consists of four bottles that will remain with your message long past the holiday season. As they sizzle up steaks on the barbeque, you’ll still have a seat at the table.



6. Item #34460 Gumball Machine

The child in all of us still loves a gumball machine. Their hearts will skip a beat when they see this fun, retro gift. As they enjoy the candy, your message will still be there and they can’t eat them all at once!


AdmintsEPCatalogFor more gourmet gift ideas, take a look at our Gourmet Food Gifts catalog!

‘Tis the Season for Giving…

Blog_HolidayPartyHitsSay THANK YOU to your team and clients with gifts they’ll keep all year long

34487(2)1. Item #34487 Lightweight Jersey Knit Pullover

Looking to make a big impression with a big imprint area? This custom knit pullover pulls out all the stops when it comes broadcasting your brand.




296362. Item #29636 Igloo Avalanche Cooler

This lunch cooler’s on-trend accents are indicative of its retail branding. Featuring insulated lining, it keeps food temperature controlled on-the-go.




314853. Item #31485 RFID Security Compu-Backpack

Safeguard your credit card information with this RFID-blocking backpack. Its many organizational features and compartments make it perfect for business travel.




346404. Item #34640 32 oz. Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

This nifty bottle will be just right for all employees, executives and clients. You’ll be delighted to find a gift in this price range that’s constructed of double wall stainless steel and has high priced features.




317945. Item #31794 Polar Fleece Blanket

These 100% polar fleece blankets are a cut above polyester. They’re just the softest and too cozy for words.




346396. Item #34639 Entertaining 5 PC Cheese Set/Cutting Board

Say “cheese” and they’ll keep smiling. Everyone loves cheese and this is a gift everyone will appreciate.


Fidget Spinners for All Occasions

34072BannerIt’s the hottest new toy around.  Both adults and kids will definitely have fun with this promotional piece. 

336101. Item #33610 Fidget Spinner

Associate your brand with fun and lightheartedness. Choose your favorite cap and base colors to create a custom combo. This CPSIA-approved product has permanent markings affixed, identifying the manufacturer, date and place of manufacture, and a tracking code.  Full color, full bleed available. Bold imprints are recommended.

340722. Item #34072 Light Up Spin-It Widget

Not to worry. Busy trade shows, events-packed conferences, heavy college course load, the vicissitudes of daily life, these days anything can trigger stress. This customizable widget to fidget with is the perfect giveaway to wave away anxiety or boredom.

342873. Item #34287 PromoSpinner – Earth

Put your logo on the face of the Earth with this little gadget that will provide fun and fidget-free distraction every time it’s taken for a spin. Pocket-sized for convenient giveaway.

342764. Item #34276 GameTime Spinner – Football

Fun to fidget with, a snap to give away, this football-themed spinner is one of the most popular new promotion gadgets in the field. What a fun way to score extra points with customers and prospects.

342775. Item #34277 GameTime Spinner – Golf

Drive your branding home with a giveaway everyone will want to take away. Stress-relieving spinners are fun for everyone. This golf-themed version, with its large imprint area, will link prospects to you long after the event is over.

342846. Item #34284 PromoSpinner – Baseball

Here’s the pitch: personalized spinners are a home run for marketers. Pocket-sized and lightweight with a disproportionately large imprint area, these little gadgets are in a league of their own for providing comfort and relaxation when the pressure is on.

342837. Item #34283 PromoSpinner – Basketball

Many adults, kids too, have become avid fans of gadgets that help them focus better by not fidgeting. This basketball-themed spinner can put your logo in the center of the action with its prominent imprint.

342828. Item #34282 PromoSpinner – Star

Make your brand a star.  This spinner’s supersized imprint area will focus attention on you while providing its users relief from fidgeting. Small wonder spinners have become such an effective promotion item. How about for you for your next big show?

342789. Item #34278 PromoSpinner – House

The latest fad gadget, fidget spinners are a fun, interactive and beneficial way to promote your company by relieving stress and boredom. The oversized branding area will keep the focus on you!

3428110. Item #34281 PromoSpinner – Santa

Ho ho ho. This spinner, with its oversized area for your logo, will add fun to your image while providing comfort in stressful situations like overly long business meetings or challenging classroom instruction. Also perfect as a stocking stuffer for the Santa set.

3427911. Item #34279 PromoSpinner – Snowman

Put you logo on this super spinner and take the stress off any tense or tedious situation. All the rage right now, these trendy giveaway gadgets are a great way to keep your brand at your prospects fingertips.

Order Early and Save!

Blast_OrderEarly Take advantage of overseas pricing for your high volume orders!

33265Up close and personal, this laminated tote delivers a lot branding for the buck! Your advertising is visible from every angle – front, back, sides and bottom. And thanks to the non-woven material’s extra strength, you can count on continuous exposure.

For a larger bag, see our Item #33263, Non-Woven Laminated, Full Color Tote Bag, 15-3/4″ x 14-1/2″ x 6-1/2″

8 Great Holiday Gifts Under $5


For budgets under $5, make a big impression with these popular products.

If you’re wondering what you can give out to express holiday good wishes to your clientele, here are some of our most successful ones.  They are useful, cost effective and attractive and most will remain to be seen for years to come as a positive reminder of your organization.





1. Item # 18456 3 1/4″ Ornament Ball – Shatterproof

AS LOW AS $2.24!

A lasting holiday gift that will enhance any festive tree. Economically priced, satin finished, durable, shatterproof ornaments are treasured mementos that will carry your message for years to come. Item includes gold braided hanging string and is individually packaged in a clear plastic presentation box.

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2. Item # 27015 Mobile Device Lycra Pocket

AS LOW AS $1.79!

This award winning Lycra pocket will be a winner for a multitude of different promotions. Everyone has a need to carry credit cards, business cards, ID cards, pocket change and keys- this accessory holds all of those important items in one compact, convenient place. This material holds more than the silicone version. It has a removable, non-residue polyurethane adhesive back. It is re-attachable and can be used as a screen cleaner too.

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3. Item # 31547 Hardcover Sticky Notes Booklet

AS LOW AS $.91!

Ideal for organizing addicts, students, and lawyers, these booklets are filled with sticky notes, pads, and flags. Utilize these paper accessories to reference important passages and find integral passages. Hard cover jotter-style booklet includes 25 sheets of sticky flags in 5 colors, 25-page 3″ x 2″ yellow sticky memo pad and 50-page 4″ x 3″ yellow sticky memo pad with elastic closure. This item is perfect for organizing documents, projects and holiday parties.

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4. Item # 30769 500 mA USB Car Charger

AS LOW AS $1.55!

Juicing up while on the road? No problem.

Transform any car’s interior space into a charging hub with this USB car charger. Complete with a USB port and 5V/500mA output, plug in any charging cable to make this compatible with any mobile device. Perfect for charging smart phones during travel.

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5. Item # 28698 3 LED Aluminum Keychain

AS LOW AS $2.05!

Shine a light on your company with this powerful LED flashlight! This compact, sleek, and slim LED flashlight crafted from high-grade aluminum packs a powerful punch despite its small size. Includes easy on/off button and three individual bulbs create a luminous beam, while a key ring attachment ensures you will take it everywhere you go. Gift box with batteries included.

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6. Item # 26630 Two Tone 15 oz. Mug

AS LOW AS $3.80!

Take the time out of a busy morning to sit down and enjoy the morning and get a great start to your day. It’s not rare for your customers to feel more at ease and energized after sitting down with these 15 ounce ceramic mugs. Or that could just be the caffeine. These mugs will make a morning person out of everyone. Item includes a side grip handle. Hand wash recommended. Microwave safe with non-metallic print.

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7. Item # 23893 Curvaceous Ballpoint Stylus

AS LOW AS $.60!

The twist action pen, soft stylus and comfort grip make this an excellent choice for your corporate pens. Why give out a pen with only one function, when you can give these attention-getting technology gifts? 14 silver combos with bright color rubberized grips includes black ink and soft rubber tip stylus.

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8. Item # 29520 Economy Barrel Duffel

AS LOW AS $3.97!

Boasting a retail-quality look at a budget price, this duffel is a supreme value. Its roomy interior can accommodate clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other travel essentials.

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8 Top Holiday Gifts Under $10


For budgets under $10, make a bigger impression with these top promotional items.


Blog_31685(1)1. Item # 31685 Suction Journal & Ballpoint Stylus Set

AS LOW AS $6.26!

This is the ultimate writing bundle. It features a faux leather journal with elastic closure, pen loop, 80 sheets of lined paper and a colorful page marker. The suction panel holds most smartphones to carry anywhere. The ballpoint pen is a great addition to write your notes and easily type on your phone with the soft rubber stylus.

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2. Item # 31695 Snap! Selfie Stick

AS LOW AS $8.96!

Embrace the #selfienation with this sleek selfie stick. It has a compact length of 8 inches and extends up to 30 inches. Perfect for taking selfies of a large group or scenery. Connects to the phone through a 3.5 mm audio cord and is ready to snap. This product is great for promotion with its large imprint area.

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3. Item # 24754 Classic Cheese Board & Knife Set

AS LOW AS $8.91!

Introduce these cheese boards to your promotional line up and just bask in the oozing goodness of Brie and Gouda. Let your prospects get a taste for the finer points of your company and become enamored with your company. Your clients will finally appreciate the high brow pleasure of cutting the cheese.

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4.  Item # 29114 Prestige Power Bank

AS LOW AS $8.01!

Quality and capacity at a significant cost saving to you.  Fully tested on specialized battery testing equipment.   Includes smart control 1C which could avoid over-charge, discharge, over-current and short circuiting. MSDS safety data sheet available.

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5. Item # 24693 All-Write 3-in-1 Stylus

AS LOW AS $2.11!

Show your clients you’re up to date with your imprint on this three-in-one stylus/LED/pen trio. Featuring Capacitance technology, it’s sure to work on any smartphone or tablet device.

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6. Item # 28956 Wooden 13-Function Pocket Knife

AS LOW AS $7.39!

Includes a flashlight, flat head screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, scissors, saw, knife, corkscrew, nail file, finger nail pick, toothpick, Phillips head screwdriver, awl, and key ring.

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Blog_31671(1)7. Item # 31671 Riviera Executive Pen

AS LOW AS $5.90!

The Riviera Executive Pen is a twist-action ballpoint pen. It has a sleek design and your can personalize it by engraving your logo on the cap. The faux leather-wrapped body gives this pen a luxe feel and it also comes in a 2-piece gift box.

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Blog_22064(1)8. Item # 22064 60″ Arc Golf Umbrella

AS LOW AS $8.35!

Featuring a larger imprint than others, this is the perfect promotional umbrella for almost any imprint. Equip prospective and current clients alike with a sturdy umbrella with the best imprint on it: yours!

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